Hepatitis B Research Coordinator (LPN)

Job Description


As an advocate for the patient, Hepatitis B Research Coordinator helps patients newly or previously diagnosed with hepatitis B navigate the hepatitis B testing and follow up care pathway.


Patient communication: The Hepatitis B Research Coordinator will communicate results to hepatitis B positive patients at the direction of the physician within the LPN scope of practice. This individual will schedule additional laboratory and diagnostic testing using phone calls or patient secure messages (on KP HealthConnect).

Patient information management (registry use and management): The Hepatitis B Research Coordinator will accurately help maintain a registry of hepatitis B positive patients and patients requiring hepatocellular carcinoma surveillance. The Coordinator will keep accurate records of patient results, progress through the testing pathway, communications, and patient and physician outreach. The Coordinator will keep these records up to date at all times.

Care coordination: The Hepatitis B Research Coordinator will work closely to coordinate care with physicians and other care team members. This includes tracking patient progress by monitoring charts in KP HealthConnect, communicating with physicians about outstanding results, communicating with physicians about lab results or test results, and working with physicians to ensure steps are not duplicated or missed. The Hepatitis B Research Coordinator will be a part of the regional hepatitis team.

• Track patients through hepatitis B testing and follow up surveillance, including communicating results, scheduling appointments, and coordinating with physicians.
• Maintain thorough and organized notes and registry using KP HealthConnect and Excel.
• Understand and explain the multi-step hepatitis B testing care pathway to patients, physicians and staff.
• Explain the basics of hepatitis B and answer basic patient questions about the disease within scope of practice.
• Provide education about hepatitis B by answering patient questions and sending educational material to the patient.
• Complete all necessary clinical documentation in KP HealthConnect for activities (includes completing phone encounters, secure messages, staff messages).
• Promptly alert physicians or care team to missing results or other issues.
• Foster and maintain cooperative relationships with other departments, patients, medical staff, and sponsors.
• Complete appropriate training.


• Experience in hepatitis or infectious disease patient care strongly preferred.
• Enthusiastic about performance improvement and quality improvement.
• Proficient in EPIC or KP HealthConnect.
• Comfortable managing and protecting sensitive patient health information.
• Proficient with spreadsheet applications (Microsoft Excel).
• Proficient with word processing applications (Microsoft Word).
• Ability to maintain meticulous records.
• Strong written and oral communication skills.

Job Location

Rockville, MD USA

Position Type